Test probes

The change between an armature and stator testing is done by exchanging the test probe. The mechanical fixing and electrical contacting takes place in the test head itself, so that the test device remains untouched.

Products to be tested come from the following industries: - Dental drives - Starter motors for cars and trucks - All small electric drives in the automotive sector - E-bike motors - Drives for power tools - Drives for household appliances - Drives for plastic welding equipment and agricultural machinery - Liquid pumps

Adaptation of armature with drum collector


pneumatic contacting with two contacts per lamella
Infrared measurement for temperature compensation
Interchangeable parts for different core and shaft diameters

Adaptation of armature with flat plate collector


face-to-face contacting
Option: lateral contacting for armatures with carbon commutator
Infrared measurement for temperature compensation

Test probe for stators with hot staking test

direct contacting of the wires by pneumatic knife contacts

Interior view of a stator test probe

The test probe electronics allow customer-specific adaptations and extensions of the test functionality.