Innovations of MEG measurement unit (AP21 board)

integrated inductance measurement:
The more the better – with an additional electrical characteristic of inductance – the detection range is usefully extended. Thus, conclusions can be drawn about defects of the wound wire as well as the material core

dynamic relay switching:
For even more individuality – no matter how complicated the winding scheme is – thanks to the dynamic relay switching, the measuring circuits are adapted to the insertion position of the testsample during runtime.

onboard RFID:
Almost commonplace in our machines, the RFID has now been integrated onboard, all without additional external hardware and software. Reduces application errors by automatically detecting the inserted probe.

optimized measurement duration:
Compared to the predecessor AP11, the measurement time has been reduced between 40-80% depending on the measurement.

+ previous measurements with AP11 measuring board

Hot Staking
coil short curcuit
AC/DC High voltage test
coil/diagonal resistance
insulation test

software innovations (APW3)

• downward compatible with hardware up to AP11
modular and flexible workflow, adaptable to your ideas
• extendable with plugins like Python integration
   Individual calculations and data can be edited and re-integrated into the testing
   software. You always enjoy the freedom of Python.
• DSP analysis of the csc pulse (only with AP21 hardware)
   Evaluation of further characteristics of the csc pulse possible
• self-definable HT measuring circuits (only with AP21 hardware)