Testing devices for quality assurance in automotive, household appliances, industrial drives, medical technology, power tools, pumps

We supply measuring and testing equipment for our core industries. This specialisation gives us a good insight into the requirements of the different market segments.
To maintain our position on a top level we are permanently looking forward to share our expertise with new branches.


Seat/sunroof adjuster, window lifter, front/rear wipers, alternators, cooling fans, fuel pumps, anti-lock brake systems, power steering


e-Axles, electrical drives, e-bike drives, hybrid stators

Building technology

Roller shutter drives, fans of heat pumps

Household appliances

Vacuum cleaners, washing machines, dryers, coffee machines, mixers

Industrial drives

Belt drives, feed drives, lifters

Medical technology

Precision drills in dentistry

Power Tools

Drills, angle grinders, agitators, hand circular saws, impact drills, polishing machines


Water pumps, fuel pump